When it comes to pioneers in the business of state-of-the-art elevators and escalators, ORBIS is the name everyone identifies with. With close to three decades of expertise in the field, we are a reputed brand of manufacturing, installing and services of high-end elevators and escalators.
Founded in the year 1994, ORBIS is the pride of Ahmedabad, India’s first heritage city, where we have a world-class manufacturing unit and R&D centre. ORBIS has a rich legacy in the business of people mobility; it took birth at a time very few understood the value of elevators and escalators in building of smart cities.
Today, ORBIS is a name to reckon with prestigious projects under its belt from all three sectors; public, private and corporate, owing to intense research and development that goes into the making of our cutting-edge products. We believe that customer satisfaction is the best way to measure success and churn out better products.
Among the many feathers in our cap, we take pride in being a trustworthy and responsible company that understands the business intimately; which is why we have zero accident credentials.
We at ORBIS are eager to cope with new challenges and meet global opportunities – hence “Empowering next level” is our mission statement that inspires us to create a qualitative change in aspects of technical development, product quality, manufacturing process and business management. By executing and delivering safe and excellent products in innumerable benchmark projects, our banner is soaring high globally.

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